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Bringing Engineering Rigor to Information Technology

After spending 4 years in the IT world it is apparent that the field is nowhere near as complicated as people make it out. I mean, yes different organizations do have VERY complicated IT environments that seem to continually grow even more out-of-control with every new technology. But the problem isn’t the technology – the problem is that many organizations lack a set of competent, disciplined professionals that can effectively manage an IT infrastructure. The problem is that proper engineering methodologies are not being used to develop, maintain, and change IT environments.

Organizations throughout the world realize that their environments are getting way too complicated, and they keep searching for that silver bullet to solve their problems. My goal, and the goal of my company (InSequence Incorporated) is to apply common-sense, discipline, and rigorous engineering methodologies to reduce the chaos and the escalating convolution of IT environments.

This blog will serve as a forum for discussing technology and practical ways to responsibly manage, develop, and implement technology. Specific technologies will be discussed, but the overall mission of this blog will be to ensure the technologies are utilized in practical ways to solve problems. Without understanding context (requirements, budget, current investments, etc) it is impossible to recommend a technology to solve a problem.

So the next time a flashy salesmen or a zealous technician attempts to sell a new technology, please take a step back and try to determine if the newest gizmo will actually solve your problems – and if you need assistance, contact an experienced systems engineer to help you evaluate the situation.

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