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Our Mission


InSequence’s vision is to place technology into the hands of users through simple interfaces at a drastically reduced cost.

InSequence believes that customers should not need extensive expertise in managing Information Technology infrastructures in order to benefit from the capabilities and cost efficiencies of a large organization.


Technology is always changing and it is easy to impulsively adopt the latest technology craze without understanding whether or not it meets your needs and integrates into your existing environment in a cost effective manner. InSequence is focused on providing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs through existing or new technologies. The IT professionals at InSequence utilize proven engineering best practices to provide customers with cost effective Information Technology services and solutions that are postured to embrace change.

Government Services

InSequence maintains a team of systems engineers, systems integrators, technical professionals, and program/project managers available to design, implement, maintain, and manage Information Technology infrastructures for the U.S. Federal Government.

IT Service and Support

InSequence provides customers with core IT capabilities at drastically reduced costs through managed service offerings. By providing a managed service InSequence takes over the complexity and overhead for an IT service and in turn provides customers and users with the ability to administer their environment through easy-to-use interfaces that require little to no IT experience. By owning the infrastructure InSequence takes over the responsibility for maintenance and recapitalization – eliminating customer headaches while providing service at a steady, predictable cost.