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401K and Profit Sharing

401K Retirement Plan

The 401K plan for InSequence is administered through United Retirement Plan Consultants and Nationwide Retirement Plans. The employee determines the contribution amount and the funds to which their contributions are to be invested. InSequence offers a 100% company match on the first 5% of employee contributions. The maximum company contribution is 5%.

For more information: www.nationwide.com/myretirement.


Profit Sharing Plan

The InSequence Profit Sharing Plan is a discretionary contribution into the employee 401K accounts based on annual corporate revenues. The level of contribution is determined by the Board of Directors and credited to employee 401K accounts annually.


Employee Stock Option Plan

All employees are eligible to participate in the InSequence Stock Option Plan to purchase shares and become employee-owners of InSequence. Stock options are granted to employees based on sustained performance and are at the discretion of the Board of Directors. InSequence has allocated a significant percentage of the incorporated shares into the Company Stock Option plan as an incentive for employee owners.