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GIS Services

In a world of a rapidly expanding range of geospatial tools, InSequence is committed to finding the best solutions for the client’s requirements while anticipating future needs.

InSequence is a full service “Top Secret Cleared” GIS implementation firm. Our consultants have assisted clients in developing needs analysis, implementation planning database design, application development, integration, training and on-going support.

GIS Mapping Services

InSequence offers world-class custom GIS mapping services to handle your specific geographic projects and challenges.  Many organizations don’t have extensive in-house mapping expertise and infrastructure because it’s not central to their mission and because maintaining GIS (Geographic Information Systems) capacity is expensive.  That is why InSequence leverages years of GIS expertise to handle everything from large one-time projects to ongoing spatial data processing.

Our Approach

Whether you need a little help or are ready for restructure, InSequence starts by understanding your needs. We understand that each client is unique and requires a unique approach. We take time to understand your current GIS infrastructure and demands. We work with your company to insure you understand the options available and the costs associated. There is no job too small or too large. We can assist in the design, creation, deployment and maintenance of your GIS solutions.

GIS Data Delivery System

InSequence has developed the foundation for sharing GIS data. We Developed a “Cloud” online environment for government to protect and distribute their GIS data easily and securely. InSequence provides a means of collecting, manipulating and commoditizing this data, as well as an “exchange: that allows government entities to manage and distribute their geospatial and property data in real time, on line, without human intervention and with their assigned terms for pricing and access.

Our GIS Services are not only limited to the government. They are beneficial to a multitude of different markets, including a variety of small, medium and large business’s.

GIS Data Delivery System Advantages

  • Save on hardware expense
  • Reduce program costs
  • Reduce overall GIS expense
  • Expand GIS through multiple devices
  • Increase productivity
  • Control user installed apps
  • Increase security
  • Ensure data integrity with off-site backups
  • Streamline operations