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IT Service and Support

The professionals at InSequence can design, build, and/or manage the technology you need to succeed. From desktop computers to smart phones and tablets, the people of InSequence deliver practical solutions that reduce your costs and increase up time.

We know how frustrating and expensive managing your IT can be. With ever changing technology it’s hard to keep up. InSequence takes pride in not only staying on top of new technology but creating it. We have designed, engineered and supported IT solutions for the Government and private sector.InSequence helps clients realize the business benefits of the technologies that best suit their needs. From virtualization, cloud computing, and mobile devices to network configuration and traditional desktop computers, InSequence has the experience to reduce your costs and increase up time. We have used our expertise to help the Department Of Defense reduce IT costs and increase flexibility.

InSequence also believes in local control – although we are taking care of your IT, we can provide you with simple tools and interfaces that allow you to continue to manage your service.

Our mission is to simplify and enhance information technology while at the same time lowering the cost of technology. Let us help your organization better manage your technology.

Our Approach

Technology should be easy-to-use and accessible to everyone everywhere. InSequence believes that customers should not need extensive expertise in managing Information Technology infrastructures in order to benefit from the capabilities and cost efficiencies of a large organization. InSequence seeks to revolutionize the IT industry by placing technology into the hands of users with easy-to-use interfaces at drastically reduced costs.
That’s why the disciplined IT professionals at InSequence are dedicated to providing customers with cost effective Information Technology services and solutions that are postured to embrace change.

  • Save on hardware expense
  • Reduce program costs
  • Reduce overall IT expense
  • Allow employees to use their own devices
  • Increase productivity
  • Control user installed apps
  • Increase security
  • Ensure data integrity with off-site backups
  • Streamline operations

What Sets Us Apart

InSequence leverages the engineering best practices proven through our nation’s highest technological achievements – the space program, communications and imagery satellites, and the internet – to bring you practical, cost-effective solutions that you and your business can rely on.