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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

InSequence provides end-to-end Software Asset Management capabilities that allow your organizations to more efficiently manage your software portfolio. Our solutions give insight into what has been purchased, what has been installed, and what is actually being used.

Capabilities Required for Software Asset Management

Four core capabilities must be in place for effective Software Asset Management:

  1. Software inventory, usage, and metering data must be brought together with procurement data (license contracts, maintenance agreements, and purchase orders) for all software that resides on workstations, servers, thin clients, and mobile devices.
  2. Maintain all software procurement and inventory data in a centralized repository.
  3. Institute a defined framework of processes that enable the management of each software asset through its entire life cycle – from purchase, through deployment, to retirement.
  4. Provide a self-service software storefront to ensure that software requests are quickly fulfilled – making it easier for users to follow official processes.

Software Asset Management is Built on People and Technology

InSequence realizes that both people and technology are what it takes to establish effective software asset management. InSequence approaches software asset management through a proven approach utilized with customers in the Federal government.